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About us

ARC PACIFIC manufactures quality thermal ovens and custom industrial goods for OEM companies and end users. ARC has been shipping full-sized ovens and part across the globe for over 10 years and works closely with shipping experts to guarantee your goods arrive as you purchased them.

We provide a broad range of component goods for machinery and industrial equipment, including machinery guard rails, handrails, and brackets.

ARC PACIFIC manufactures industrial ovens and washers, material handling conveyors, racks, production platforms, air-handling ducts and other industrial sheet metal products.


If we don’t make it, we can find someone who can. ARC PACIFIC employs a sourcing team throughout Southeast Asia that produces a wide variety of parts and components, including:

  • Machined parts
  • Stamped parts
  • Industrial / electronic assemblies
  • Power transmission components
  • Cast / forged parts

We also offer international representation.

At ARC PACIFIC, the world of industrial sourcing and manufacturing knows no boundaries.


New Website

ARC PACIFIC of Hartland, Wisconsin, recently launched a new Website to provide easier access to information for its customers.