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At ARC PACIFIC, we value every customer experience.

Case Study #1 – Wash Tanks

The Problem

A small original equipment manufacturer found itself in a bidding war facing some huge competitors for a multi-million dollar contract for wash tanks. The company needed to lower their production costs significantly in order to win the bid.

The Solution

The customer and ARC PACIFIC discussed specifications and interpreted drawings, and ultimately found a less expensive way to build the equipment offshore. The customer won the bid, and ARC PACIFIC shipped 2,000 wash tanks door-to-door, managing all duties, port fees, and eliminating the numerous annoyances often caused by international shipping.

Case Study #2 – Synthetic Conveyor Belt

The Problem

A customer needed to increase the production rate at its can making plant. They had an internal bake oven with a metal conveyor belt. The metal belt required time and energy to heat, along with the metal packaging. A metal belt can also require frequent maintenance that may require slowing or even work stoppage.

The Solution

An ARC PACIFIC engineers visited the customer’s factory and took precise measurements of the oven’s conveyor system. Then ARC PACIFIC custom-designed a synthetic replacement belt specifically for the customer’s conveyor, fabricated, installed, and tested the belt at the customer’s factory, and trained personnel in its cleaning and maintenance. The result was a huge savings in energy and a significant improvement in production speed.

Case Study #3 – Medical-Grade Castings

The Problem

A company in Germany was searching for a way to reduce manufacturing costs for the production of their orthopedic rehabilitation equipment which is marketed worldwide. Several key components of the system were precision castings. They had been made in Europe but were costly. Their attempt to use suppliers in India was not successful as they could not meet the very tight tolerances. The other issue was that for a casting project the volume was relatively low.

The Solution

ARC Pacific has worked with several casting suppliers and from this stable of quality suppliers was able to select the correct group that could meet these tolerances for an order quantity that was low by industry standards. After negotiating with several suppliers the final supplier was selected based on quality, delivery and price. After this selection process was completed a prototype sample was made followed by a batch sample and then production. Client achieved the goal of lower cost while still producing a quality product.

Case Study #4 – Machine Guards

The Problem

A Fortune 100 consumer products company determined that guard rails and covers should be installed on all their machinery. They needed customized guarding for 50 machines in factories across the U.S. And they needed them fast.

The Solution

The customer called ARC PACIFIC.

Within days, design and engineering concepts began flowing seamlessly between the customer, the ARC PACIFIC team, and an Asia-based engineering firm. A prototype was designed, manufactured, and tested for quality and integrated at the customer’s plant.

After approvals, ARC PACIFIC made and shipped 50 containers to multiple locations, arranging for international shipping and the payment of all duties and port fees. The customer simply arranged delivery times. Simple, and hassle free. The customer enjoyed substantial cost savings and outstanding service without sacrificing performance, function, or quality.


New Website

ARC PACIFIC of Hartland, Wisconsin, recently launched a new Website to provide easier access to information for its customers.